Question by  jonas411 (1)

I feed my dog four strips of bacon, is she going to be okay?

is she gonna be ok? i fed my dog 4 strips of bacon and ppl say thts not good.


Answer by  Anonymous

Your dog will certainly be fine if you only fed her four strips. Let me share though, speaking from experience, overfeeding bacon with it's high fat content is unhealthy! As in humans, animals arteries can become clogged as did in my luv! She ended up having a stroke!


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Yes, your dog should be fine from eating the bacon. Bacon is a protein and is in fact good for your dog in small doses. I would not feed her more than five or six pieces at a time, if she is a large dog that is.


Answer by  Anonymous

Don't feed your dog bacon. " Left over fat and remnants. No Bacon or bacon grease. There are high levels of nitrates in bacon and the high heat used to cook bacon creates many other harmful compounds. " Please do not respond if you don't know. It's a life here.


Answer by  diane41 (309)

I am not a professional, however, I think that your dog will be fine. I am not sure that it is something you want to do too often due to the high fat content in bacon. I have heard that many pet owners feed their dogs diets of cooked and uncooked meats.


Answer by  Anonymous

I fed my JRT bacon on a regular basis. She died suddenly, suffering from pancreatitis - a condition resulting from a high fat diet. This is a painful condition! DO NOT feed your dog bacon!

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