Question by  Sergej (34)

Can an Illinois offender receive court supervision for his first DUI offense?

I'd like to consider this as an option, as an alternative to jail time.


Answer by  CLV66 (73)

First time offenders usually eligible for a sentence of Court Supervision. In order to qualify as a first time offender, you must not have any prior DUIs on your record within the last 5 years. If it is terminated successfully, it won't count as a conviction on your driving record.


Answer by  notenoughfacts (257)

Court supervision in terms of probation is often an option for a first DUI offense. Driver license suspension is also a part of this consequence. Like any arrest, jail time is always a possibility and therefore, obviously when it comes to DUI prevention is best. Illinois, like other states has a. 08 threshold for impairment.


Answer by  Rathjinngmailcom (234)

Anyone convicted of a DUI In Illinois WILL have their license revoked but you can avoid this by receiving court supervision.. All aspects of the case can be challenged in court.


Answer by  Jan (166)

First time DUI offenders in Illinois can receive court supervision. Though supervsion is an option, it is not automatically granted. It will depend on the facts of the case.

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