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Question by  Kcire (14)

Can a PS2 play PS1 games?


Answer by  Kissy (18)

A PS2 can read PS1 game discs; however, you cannot save PS1 game data on a PS2 memory card. That being said, it is possible to install and utilize a PS1 memory card in a PS2, therefore, you may play discs delevolped for the PS1 and released prior to the PS2.


Answer by  Jim66 (25)

The PS2 is designed to play PS1 games. The PS2 has both the graphical power and processing power to play PS1 games. The format on which PS1 and PS2 games are published is also the same. They are both done in a DVD format. The controllers for playing both system's games are exactly the same as well.


Answer by  darce (125)

Definitely, the way the PS2 is designed it can play all PS1 games, however the PS1 cannot play any of the PS2 games. Sony,the manufacturer of the Playstation consoles wanted to make sure that you could still enjoy your old games on the new system without any problems. By doing this the consumer has a wider variety of games.

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it says "please insert playstaion format disc"  add a comment

Answer by  Missmelissa (69)

A PS2 will play PS1 games and a PS3 will play both. However, a PS2 will not play PS3 games because they are a different quality and require a higher speed. Same thing applies to why a PS1 will not play PS2 games. Do not expect higher quality on the newer models though. It's still the same game.


Answer by  Tracy74 (229)

Yes a Play station2 can play Playstation1 games. However playstation3 play some playstation2 games. Playstation2 also plays DVDs and can go online. You can probally find playstation 1 games on EBAY if you do not have any. Gamespot has alot of playstation 2 games. Hope this is helpful to you.


Answer by  Cathy65 (652)

Yes a PS2 console can play PS1 games. We have a PS2 console and we were able to keep all of our old games to play on the new console. Just put the PS1 game into the console the same way you would any other game. It also plays DVD's.


Answer by  Anonymous

will the ps2 play ps1 wwf games

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