Question by  hawkinsfmcgmailcom (13)

Are there statistics published on the happiness of couples in arranged marriages?

As the United States has such a high rate of divorce, and arranged marriage matches last, usually, a lifetime, I'm curious as to whether this success is a factor of happiness or necessity.


Answer by  calcio (40)

Maybe it is a factor but the life of a married couple is not known to others. Maybe an American couple does not want to take the time to work things out since the lifestyle that they are used is about quickness. Maybe the marriage of an arranged couple lasts longer because it is based on friendship rather than love.


Answer by  Single69 (7)

Storybook images of marriage are doomed to fail. Arranged marriages are a contract. They are a business, supposedly beneficial to both parties.


Answer by  Parvinderkaur (84)

In arrange marriages, while searching a match your parents also considers his or her family so that it is easy for their child to get settled easily.

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