Question by  maknesh (12)

What are the pros and cons of love marriages?

I am from an arranged marriage culture.


Answer by  yael (482)

The pros are that you choose someone to spend your life with who you know well and who you have romantic feelings for. The cons are that sometimes feelings get in the way of logic and people marry because of love but do not share values with the other person.


Answer by  km8738 (1917)

Love marriages, are in essence, the truly best kind of marriage if they work. Love, however, can be easily confused with lust and like, and when a "love" marriage is found to have been based on anything other than love, partners are less willing to compromise or work out problems.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

If you marry for love, you are more likely to be happy in your relationship and be able to cope with whatever life throws your way. There are some cons though, such as the fact that love doesn't pay the bills. You can have a lot of love but marriage is still a lot of work.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

The biggest pro is that you actually love the person that you marry and you can chose to marry or not marry whenever you wish. The biggest con is that sometimes people change and you end up falling out of love with the person you married.

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