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Question by  knowitall (29)

Are there any ADD cures?

My son has recently been diagnosed.


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

There are no cures at this time for ADD. However, there are treatments available. Most treatments are through drug therapy. Diet plays an important role in keeping this condition under control. Is important to find the right healthcare professional, get a second opinion and testing before starting any drug therapy or changes in diet.


Answer by  Colorgirl (73)

There is no cure for ADD. However, if it was properly diagnosed in the first place, it can usually be managed with therapy and/or medication. Talk to your doctor!


Answer by  bunkerhill (825)

There is no cure for ADD, but there are medications, special diets and behaviour modification techniques that do seem to help.


Answer by  jmrdflcarpenter (515)

There aren't any cures, just treatments. They usually prescribe you some type of medication to help control it. Though there are herbal treatments that you can try and there are some behavioral things that you can try that also help to control it. You should do some research and find some things that have nothing to do with medications


Answer by  sailoryue (853)

no there is no cure for ADD. but there are treatements. i have ADD my self and i get along fine. you just have to help your son be organized and remember his homework and text books. work together with his teachers so he doesnt fall behind. work with him at homework time so he doesnt get frustrated

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