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Question by  Haylie (84)

What are some good hangover cures?

I am compiling a lost for a friend as a gift. I need lots of cures.


Answer by  Anonymous

No, I have a better cure! You come home staggering drunk. The first thing you wanna do is go to sleep. don't! I have avoided a hangover every single time by staying awake until I wasn't drunk anymore. Stay awake, drink Gatorade and eat something healthy and filling.


Answer by  liebgott (12)

The Romans believed that the cause of the problem is usually the cure. Hence, drinking booze to cure a hangover is thought to be the best remedy. Another remedy is Gatorade since it quickly hydrates the body.


Answer by  dc8333 (420)

Nothing beats 'the hair of the dog' - either get straight back on the sauce as soon as your hangover starts to kick in (no matter how hard to stomach it is - it will get easier! ), or get so drunk the night before that you're still drunk in the morning!


Answer by  jeffindtw (4)

Grab one of the 02 masks in the cockpit and sit down on the jumpseat for 5 minutes and breath in slowly. You'll be ready for your next layover in a jiffy!


Answer by  senegaulois (139)

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I normally take a glass of Eno Fruit Salts, if in England or its former sphere of influence, or Alka Seltzer, if in America, before going to bed. I have found that this usually mitigates the worst effects of a hangover and sometimes let's me escape all the consequences.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

When you're puking a lot I suggest drinking some Gatorade or Powerade, something that contains elecrolytes. It helps your body recover quicker.


Answer by  jaspat28 (78)

Two of the best hangover cures are #1 If you can stomach it drink a beer in the morning and #2 If your feeling like vomiting just eat plain bread


Answer by  Anonymous

One thing i like to do is tell myself, "I've been way more hungover than this." Learned that on hangover school.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

To eat gurkeys is very good. After that it is good to go swimming for an half hour. After that I would give the advice to eat noodles. Now everything should be gone.

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