Question by  vinoth (18)

What can be done to help cure poison ivy in the medical field?

I have horrible poison ivy and need a medical cure.


Answer by  Eddie87 (129)

Benadryl is a common care used for poison ivy. There may be some way to keep a certain level of benadryl within the body. However, this would carry the effects of lethargy.


Answer by  pete74 (97)

If you have poison ivy and it is spreading you will need to see a doctor to get treatment. The usual treatment is steroids.


Answer by  LadyA (14)

You can call your doctor and ask for a steroid spray - works very well. There are also some over the counter items that work very well - Ivy Away is one of them. For other home remedies, oatmeal bath helps to sooth poison ivy.


Answer by  secondbanana (289)

The most effective treatment for poison ivy is prednisone. It is a steroid and inexpensive; however, you do need a prescription. Follow the directions carefully, you need to wean yourself from the medication per doctors orders. Oatmeal baths are also helpful.


Answer by  bicknar (31)

Calamine lotion is a good start, but if the poison ivy is bad enough to require medical attention a Dr. may recommend a steroid treatment or injection. Either way a call to the Dr. would be the best place to start.

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