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Question by  Kevin007 (19)

What advice can you give me regarding spraying a primer surface?

I need to spray primer on the surface of a car.


Answer by  worker4658 (22)

First, make sure that the surface is smooth and clean. Next decide on a good primer from a quality name such as: BASF, R-M, or Diamont. Finally tape off the area that is to be primed, and spray the primer about 6 inches away from the surface evenly.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The main thing to remember about painting is that the surface needs to be spotless. Make sure the surface is properly sanded and and that the surface has been wiped down with cleaner. Then just lay on a light coat of primer. After it has flashed go back and re-coat with a medium coat of paint.


Answer by  hymanrichard (78)

be sure to sand and clean the surface thoroughly before working. While spraying be sure to keep a steady hand and be sure to movie quickly

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