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Question by  Anonymous

Would placing a jar with ammonia stop birds from nesting on the ledge of my porch?


Answer by  jjt (33)

This is a possible way to keep away animals from your porch, however you should remember that ammonia might be poisonous to other animals that may be beneficial to the local ecosystem. Refresh the ammonia (kept in either jars or small bowls) every few days to keep its potency and ensure birds are kept away.


Answer by  trubaybgyrl (42)

I don't think the smell would relly bother them. Try hangng a mock realistic looking owl where they nest. This usually sends them on their way. Good luck


Answer by  Cbarber8 (24)

Not that I know of, however, sodium hypochlorite and ammonia WILL attract cats. The cats will relieve themselves where you put the solution. It is obvious that birds will not nest on a cat's potty, but now your problem could be serious. Try tying something that flaps around in wind to scare the birds instead.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

You can try the ammonia to stop the birds but they probably won't stop. The best thing to do is to get a bird house and put it in a tree in your yard. They will stop nesting on the porch and will go to the bird house. Hope this helps you.


Answer by  colo22 (278)

The ammonia may be too irritating to the bird and cause many health problems from this irritation and even death. You may try a smaller amount if needed such as on a cotton ball or rag to at least get the guests to move onward to better smelling surroundings !


Answer by  Patricia (18)

No, however if you get up early in the morning when the birds are first waking up you can scare them away and after a few days they wont return.

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