Question by  cfriedl (33)

What is the best method of identifying birds?

I've moved and there are a lot of birds I've never seen at my new place.


Answer by  Sue17 (136)

The best method for identifying birds would be to have a bird book handy or take pictures and compare/ research them on the internet. You could also check local birding blogs to see what types of birds are in your area.


Answer by  bunnygirl (779)

Buy a field guide that is specific to your area (preferably Petersen or Sibley). Buy a nice pair of binoculars and find a good spot at a forest edge, where you are likely to see birds in the forest and raptors that hunt smaller birds clearly. Or, traipse into the woods and find a comfortable spot to sit and watch.


Answer by  Kaydee (252)

I would start by checking with your local Audubon society or wild bird feed store since they may have id guides for your area.


Answer by  snappies (579)

One of the best ways to identify birds to to buy a bird field guide that is for your area. You can view the bird and look at the pictures.


Answer by  richard91 (107)

The best way to determine the species of a bird is using a bird identifier (a booklet with photos of birds in your region). The flight of a bird and the song can also be a factor in helping you determine it, once you know how it looks like.


Answer by  edwin33 (88)

The best method to identify a bird is by noticing it's feather color.By analysing it's chirping sound and by the places it can be found mostly.The altitude of it's flight is also helpful in determining the bird

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