Question by  leelah (92)

Will you have elevated monocytes with lyme disease?

My moncytes are elevated, I am concerned I could have lyme disease.


Answer by  xxx22 (7)

elevated white blood cells signal infection, lyme disease qualifies as infection therefore, you will find elevated monocytes in lyme disease


Answer by  NYCCDC (311)

Having Lyme disease could have an affect on your monocytes, however the only true diagnostic test would be through serological blood tests. A study should be conducted to see if your body is producing anti-bodies for the disease as well as additional physical exam findings. Lyme's is hard to diagnose, be vigilant and get a serological test to confirm.


Answer by  swizz (390)

Elevated monocytes could mean several things. A person may have elevated monocytes due to the following factors: inflammatory disease, viral infection and parasitic infection. The best way to find out if you have lyme disease is to consult a doctor and have him evaluate your condition.


Answer by  tbird16 (153)

They could be elevated with Lyme disease. Monocytes are part of white blood cells, and are often elevated in inflammatory conditions. Since Lyme disease causes inflammation, they may be elevated. You can not however go on just monocytes alone, you need to look at other symptomatology and even if you were bitten by a tick or at risk for Lyme


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

If you have the slightest inclination that you have lyme disease you need to heads for the neares ER imediatley lyme disease is very deadly please do not waste time on here trying to find out what only a doctor can tell you. You need to be seen by a professional and when you go in tell them lyme disease.


Answer by  dryuha (735)

There are many reasons for elevated monocytes for example chronic inflammatory disease, parasitic infection , tuberculosis and viral infections. Yes, you can have elevated monocytes in lyme disease but it does not necessarily means that you have lyme disease if your monocytes are elevated.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Monocytes are connected to lyme disease, but you have to take a series of blood tests and ecgs to be sure. Contact your doctor as soon as possible. You can't necessarily have proof of a disease if you don't have the tests to prove it. Exercise as much as you can


Answer by  sschoens (16)

Elevated monocytes are present in patients with Lyme Disease, but that alone does not indicate you have Lyme Disease. Most people experience flu like symptoms, joint pain etc.

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