Question by  deaglemck (13)

Does lyme disease cause light sensitivity?


Answer by  Laura14 (51)

Spirochete bacteria that can be found in ticks can be transmitted to humans and spread to parts of the body, causing lyme disease. Eye light sensitivity is one symptom.


Answer by  dirk1134 (26)

Increased light sensitivity of the eyes is one of the possible symptoms that Lyme Disease can give, though it does not always cause it.


Answer by  Vic (38)

To my knowledge, lyme disease does not cause light sensitivity, but there are some vision issues that are signs of lyme disease or being bite by a tick. If you have double, blurry or pained vision these are all symptoms of lyme disease.


Answer by  Anonymous

I had Lymes, yes it did affect my eyes, and left me with light sensitivity. I had iritis, was like looking though greasy glasses, light refracted into stars. Was not a pleasent things to go through.

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