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Question by  jat3435 (22)

Will taking vitamin D help reduce the symptoms of Epstein Barre virus?

I have flare ups of the Epstein Bar virus all the time and was told Vitamin D would help this.


Answer by  kishore16 (29)

The Vitamin D does not help to recover this viral infection. It is infection in the lymphocytes of the human beings. So the population of the lymphocytes are reduced during infection. So consult the physicians and take proper treatment for this virus. Because it's infection may cause secondary infection of other pathogens.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Your Vitamin D status may be a factor in the immune response to EB. If you take Vit D supplements, be aware that it is a fat soluble vitamin.


Answer by  QueedlyMcShane (205)

Vitamin D helps your immune system by calming it down. Otherwise, "overreacting" to EB virus means excessive production of antibodies and autoreactive T-cells. This response could lead to multiple sclerosis.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

Vitamins are neither virus killers nor antibiotics which helps to remove viral infections. But in this case, you are advised to take vitamin D and it is absolutely right decision. The Epstein Barre Viral infection in your case may be in skin or mucous membranes or other skin related glands. So only you are asked to do so.

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