Question by  maddiecat214 (17)

How much vitamin D should kids get a day?

I want to make sure that in the winter months my children are getting enough vitamin D.


Answer by  Jomo (55)

A child between under the age of one year old should get 400 - 800 i.u per day. For children over one year and up to 20 years the recommended daily allowance is 400 i.u per day.


Answer by  cafish (2035)

If they drink 32 ounces of fortified milk per day and get outside in the sunshine, that is enough. Sunscreen does decrease the ability of the body to make vitamin D. If they are not getting enough through milk, they can take a multivitamin with vitamin D. Children should receive at least 400 IU of this vitamin each day.


Answer by  BrighamMSIV (229)

The new recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics states that children should receive approximately 400 IU of Vitamin D per day (previously recommended amount was 200 IU per day).


Answer by  tml4986 (195)

The current recommended daily intake for vitamin D in children, male or female, is 5 micrograms per day. 5 micrograms is approximately 200 IUs if you are looking at some of the various vitamin supplements that are currently available. However, it is important to note that Vitamin D's primary role is to promote calcium absorption so calcium intake is important.


Answer by  jusmisbehaven (135)

A child up to the age of 13 should get 200 IU of vitamin d or 5 mcg. If they are drinking vitamin d milk and taking a multi vitamin they should be getting enough.

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