Question by  ProTech2000 (10)

What does it mean when an older citrus tree is losing its bark?


Answer by  MusicalKate (109)

Are you making sure your citrus tree is getting watered a minimum of once a week? You should also check the bark and leaves closely for any pests like ants, scales, aphids or mites. A combination of issues can cause your problem. You could call a tree specialist to look.


Answer by  AnswerThis (74)

well unfortunately another thing that could be wrong is that your citrus tree is not retaining the nutrients that it needs as well as it used to. you might have to change to a different fertilizer for it. ask your garden store cuz it happened with my myers lemon tree.


Answer by  RisingSunny (55)

The liber (inner layer of bark) has been observed in citrus trees to develop a liquid which slowly forms new bark. This causes the older bark to push out and finally fall off. If you have new bark forming on your citrus tree this is what is occurring.

Reply by BrianC2 (117):
After reading all the replies I think this is the most likely cause. I have 20 year old fruit trees that occasionally shed their bark :-)  add a comment
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