Question by  oreoalexnoel1 (1)

A number of my pine trees were badly scraped in recent storms. Do I paint the scars or just leave them alone?

They are all mature trees.


Answer by  slauter6 (27)

You should not paint the trees, the chemicals in the paint are harmful to there health and can cause worse damage to the trees. The best option is to wrap the scars in a blanket or a plastic to prevent bugs and insects from getting in and killing the tree from the inside out.


Answer by  moonergirl (11)

Do not paint over them. It will ruin the trees. They need the air to grow. My grandpa raised pine trees he said not to paint them.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

I would recommend painting them because they may make your property look very unpleasing if you just leave them as they are now.


Answer by  xoxgregxox (27)

The trees naturally repairs itselfs, It is better if you leave them and let the mother nature do her work.

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