Question by  Chris D. (18)

Will Norton Anitvirus get rid of a Trojan virus?


Answer by  shdw (42)

It depends on the Trojan. If you know the name of the virus, check Norton's website to see if the version you have can detect and remove it.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Norton Anitvirus can usually get rid of a Trojan virus. However, the newer the virus, the less likely this is. To be sure, update the Norton Anitvirus before you tell it to eliminate the Trojan so that it has all necessary files to do the removal correctly.


Answer by  e36 (170)

Norton should remove any virus, but you could also try free antivirus programs such as AVG Free. Until the Trojan is removed, don't shop or bank online for safety.


Answer by  Kate8888 (55)

No, If you get online support, a tech will remove it for you. It must be removed manually and may cost 99. 00 to fix.


Answer by  Adrian27 (338)

Most of the times it will, but in the process might also delete some of your .exe files. This is where viruses usually install themselves.


Answer by  Xisco21 (110)

Providing you have up to date virus definitions it is highly likely that Norton will be able to remove a trojan from your system.

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