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Question by  appliancegal (49)

Will naispan help with ringing of the ears?

My ears are always ringing will Niaspan help.


Answer by  DrWiz (23)

The ringing in your ears could become alleviated while taking naispan if your ringing is an effect of your high cholesterol. If the ringing is due to sinuses or tinnitus, then it is not going to help.


Answer by  marcia (228)

Niaspan helps lower cholesterol, and ear ringing is one sign of elevated cholesterol. If your ear ringing is in conjuction with high cholesterol, then Niaspan may very well bring you relief.


Answer by  Diego32 (18)

I have had ringing in my ears for many years and have sought treatment for it from my physicians which includes a specialist in hearing problems. None have ever suggested Niaspan as a helpful treatment. I would not consider taking it without the express recommendation of your physician.


Answer by  lilraesdad (41)

There is not indication that Niaspan will help with the ringing in your ears. Unless the ringing is due to high cholesterol, since managing high cholesterol is what it is prescribed for.

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