Question by  Stevce (41)

What is the cause of loud ear ringing?

My ear has been ringing loudly for several days.


Answer by  ackoontz (24)

A common cause of loud ear ringing is tintinitus. Tintinitus is a temporary ringing of the ears sometimes caused by loud noises, like being in close range to gun shots, or a loud rock concert. It usually goes away in a few days, depending on the severity. Sometimes it lasts for an extended amount of time.


Answer by  blueballoon (190)

Ringing in your ears (tinnitis) can be caused by allergies, infection, and sometimes hearing loss. If it's bothering you please see your doctor or an ENT specialist!


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

Loud ear ringing is called tinnitus, a symptom of something else going on. Can be from loud noises. Avoid caffeine and large amounts of aspirin. Continues, see your doctor.


Answer by  Lacey47 (10)

Well there are many causes to ear ringing. Some reasons could be symptoms such as Tinnitus. Some of the symptoms of Tinnitus is a loud ringing in the ear, hearing fluctuation, and pressure in the ears. Also a loud ringing could be from a noisy work environment.


Answer by  Lyneiba (51)

There are several causes for it: Sudden loud noise, an accident ,a lot of loud noise over longer periods of time and ear infections are just a few. To be sure that there is no ear infection or permanent damage to your ear you should see a doctor as soon as you can.


Answer by  Lucy101 (225)

Some possible causes for ear ringing or tinnitus are: exposure to loud noises, ear infection, fluid in the ears, ear trauma, some medications, Meniere's syndrome and aging.


Answer by  river (1226)

Could be from medication, being exposed to loud noises, fluid in the ears. Could be hearing loss from aging or infection.


Answer by  Brittney (1095)

It could be an inner ear infection. You will need to go to your doctor and get an antibotic, or you could try ear candles and see if that helps.

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