Question by  Wormoid (25)

Will my baby look like me or my husband?


Answer by  DanielleK (535)

Genetics are a tricky thing with dominant and recessive genes, so there is no real way to predict who your child will take after. Some are a mix of both their parents while others favor one or even their grandparents.


Answer by  Jackie50 (360)

Your baby will likely bear resemblence to both of you. However, if one of you has more dominant traits (brown eyes, brown hair, etc), then you can expect the baby to most likely have the more dominant traits as well.


Answer by  workingwoman11 (195)

It could go either way. It depends on whose genes are stronger. Your baby could get a mix of both of you. Also depends on what alleles you carry on your DNA.


Answer by  Az (343)

That is very difficult to determine beforehand. However, you might get clues from babies born within your husband's extended family as well as your own. If his side of the family seems to dominate looks-wise, there's a good chance the baby will look more like him.

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