Question by  Estelle (10)

What are some popular Greek baby names?

My husband is Greek and I want to come up with a baby name to surprise him.


Answer by  shesellsseashells (60)

Popular boys' names are Adonis, Raphael, Alexei, Alonzo, Kostos, Atticus, Titus, Stavros, Castor, Yianni, Filippo, Galen, Oedipus, and Ulysses. Popular girls' names are Sofia, Desi, Katarina, Maria, Cassandra, Diana, Aretha, Theodora, Evangeline, Ophelia, and Delia. These are just the popular names that I think are nice, there are likely many more if you search online or in baby name books.


Answer by  srhbrwngrl (125)

Adonis, Adriana, Aegea, Agate, Alayla, Alexys, Ada, Alexander, Alexandria, Cassandra, Cassia, Charissa, Lukas, Nyasia, Nestor, Nikolas, Maximus, Philip, Phoebe, Talia, Thaddeus, Xander, Tessa, Damian, Demetrius, Delia


Answer by  thewerewolfmage (520)

Some popular Greek baby names can include Agatha, Agnes, Alexander, Alexandra, Alexandria, Alexandrina, Alyssa, Anastasia, Barbara, Candice, Cassandra, Catherine, Cathy, Chloe, Chris, Christoper, Cindy, Cleo, Cybil, Cynthia, Demetrius, Ellen, Homer, Stacey, and Zoe.


Answer by  Adelle (277)

Most popular baby names are routed in the mythology however if you want a name that won't stand out to much you can consider names Agatha or Alejandro.


Answer by  Anonymous

'Hesperus' meaning evening star 'Iris' goddess of the rainbow 'Jupiter' Roman god equivalent to Zeus 'Zeus' God of the sky 'Silvanus' roman name for woodlands and grasslands I know some names are Roman, but they are beautiful names, names with meaning. Helen. Meaning fairest and dearest love in the world.


Answer by  Ava (192)

The current popular Greek names are Athena, Alena, Bathsheba, Christina, Elena, Fiona, Galena, Helena, Iona, Javalina, Kachina, Livonia, Methusa, Nina and Bankrupta.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

The first one that comes to mind is Rhea. You also have Andonnis, Agatha, Phillip, Phyllis, Zelena. Those are just some of the many that I can think of right now.


Answer by  1shoshanna (3)


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