Question by  t56 (143)

Will I save money with a gas hot water tank?

I have had an electric one but need a new one.


Answer by  BAXTER1 (78)

Natural gas is the most efficient method of heating water. Any applieance that uses gas is nore economical for general household use.


Answer by  RBaumann02 (90)

It all depends on the average natural gas and electricity prices in your area, which can vary widely. If you use gas already, compare vs. electricity for the best choice.


Answer by  itsprissy15 (80)

It really depends on the location of your home. In most places gas is way cheaper. In most places it costs three times as much to pay for an electric heater bill. I used to have electric as well and I switched to gas since it is way cheaper for me.


Answer by  turkworker (1007)

You will definitely save money with a gas hot water tank. I have one after I replaced my old electric one. The gas is much more efficient in heating water.

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