Question by  bbbrooke (30)

Will I be able to access Microsoft outlook on my blackberry curve?

I have a blackberry curve and need to get on outlook.


Answer by  kryptos1 (41)

OWA (web based outlook) would be accessible via your web browser. Your e-mail is stored on a microsoft exchange server and can be accessed using the Blackberry e-mail client and the Blackberry Enterprise Server (known as BES). Mobile carriers may charge additional fee.


Answer by  cbo (17)

You can access Microsoft outlook from the Curve. When you purchase a Blackberry, it is required that you get a data plan on top of the voice plan. You can either connect to your personal email or access a work server. You can work with your provider to set up your connection.


Answer by  breezygirl (27)

From your BlackBerry, you can access the same email that you can view in MS Outlook on a computer but the program isn't exactly Outlook. Also note there may be additional charges for accessing email from a corporate email sever, so check with your provider if applicable.


Answer by  Balance2 (66)

Accessing Microsoft Outlook on a Blackberry curve is possible, however it might be as easy as it should be. Even though your Blackberry is able to sync with Microsoft Outlook, it is commonly found amongst users that they are easily able to see the messages but are unable to open them.


Answer by  JamesJoiner (31)

Yes. From the Setup Wizard under "Personalization" you will find the email setup wizard. You must be connected to a wireless server such as your home wireless connection or Blackberry internet through your service provider. From the email setup wizard just follow instructions to set up your outlook email account.


Answer by  hahagal (983)

You can get your email from Microsoft outlook by adding your POP address and your email address into the email center and you will be able to get all of the email that you would normally get from your Microsoft outlook. You will not be able to install the outlook since it is not compatible with a blackberry.

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