Question by  jeff33 (33)

How do I use Microsoft Word to edit web pages?

I'd like to be able to visually edit a web page with a WYSIWYG program. Does Microsoft Word have this capability?


Answer by  mack37 (23)

You can save and open web pages using Word, but it wouldn't be WYSIWYG. For example the fonts might not work correclty with all web browsers. I would advise you to use proper web page editor instead for Word. Word is primarly for text editing, not for editing web pages.


Answer by  praveen16 (4)

Research-desk enables to use the full editing capabilities of microsoft word including spelling check and grammar when entering text in web page text areas. select RESEARCH-DESK Tools, options,Web browsing and check the use microsoft word to edit text area.


Answer by  hegde (161)

Use Microsoft word to write and edit the document. Use hyperlinks, tables and formatting as you normally do. While saving the page, make sure you use "save as" web page.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

Just write a document as you would do if you want to write a letter. If you have finished, use "save as webpage"

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