Question by  deedee (19)

How do I use Microsoft word header titled landscape?

I need to use landscape in Microsoft word.


Answer by  PuterGuru (256)

For Word 2003 click on File, Page Setup and then click "Landscape." For Word 2007 click on the Microsoft Office Button icon in the top right, then the arrow next to Print. Click the Print Preview option. It will open the Print Preview view and then click on Orientation menu at the top and then Landscape. Click Close Preview.



In microsoftword go to pagelayout tab- click orientation button. then you got two options. portrait & landscape. if you select the landscape you can use landscape in microsoftword.


Answer by  buffo (19)

How you configure MS Word to use landscape mode will vary depending upon the version of of MS Word. Look for Page Setup in the menu, and under Page Setup you should find an option for using Landscape. The Help function in Word is pretty good, open Help and type Landscape.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

It is very easy to change the document to landscape. Open a Microsoft word and type the necessary contents in the document. Then goto page layout option in the toolbar. Then choose the option orientation and then change the default portrait option to landscape option. Now you are done. But this is applicable to the whole page or document.


Answer by  Zeeta (261)

You can activate the header area by double click. You can activate it also from the View menu, where you can see the headers option. After the activating, you can write some text or paste an image to the header just like on the other parts of the document. When ready, click outside of the header to inactivate it.


Answer by  Jin (8)

After writting the words that you need to be in landscape type of header, go to insert, then select the tab written header. From there, scroll through the options and you will find the option for landscape. you can then use it


Answer by  gigo (1706)

If you have a word header titled landscape, it means, that this is a user defined header for landscape pages. To switch into landscape mode, go to file, page settings.

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