Question by  helper (13)

Will herbs get rid of tapeworms in cats?

I have heard herbs will cure tapeworms.


Answer by  worker5031 (70)

Garlic is known to help fight and kill bacteria. Cats like the flavor of it as well. Wornwood is also used. Use small amounts and apply it as a tincture. Fennel is used to get rid of the worm from the intestine. CLoves, fresh ground white pumpkin seeds and Oregan grape tincture seeds my be helpful as well.


Answer by  Sylvia (759)

Yes. You can use a number of different herbs: Wormwood or cloves. Garlic powder is also effective or black walnut. It is important to verify doseage for your particular cat.


Answer by  Vanessa (387)

No, you must give them a wormer from a vet and then keep them on a preventative flea medication to keep the fleas off your cat. That is how they get worms, they swallow the fleas while grooming and this can lead to tape worms. I would not waste my time and money on herbs.


Answer by  Latha (264)

The garlic tablets are best medicine for this worms. Next if your cat is eat "Pappaya Fruit" ,this also the best remedy for this disease.


Answer by  worker8388 (994)

We can use garlic as an herbal vermicide. Black walnut also play a good role. Pineapple will destroy intestinal worms within 3-4 days.


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

There are some herbs, but these are not reliable. If it is a tapeworm, see the vet. Regular worms, use wormer.

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