Question by  Snow4Life (49)

How do I record my old cam corder to a dvd?

I need to move cam corder videos to dvd's.


Answer by  mooman2679 (1018)

You can buy computer cards to install into your computer to transfer analog video to digital. It has inputs that look just like the plugins on a TV. There are also websites and stores that will take your old videos and convert them to DVD for you. The most expensive option would be to buy an actual Dvd recorder.


Answer by  mmonshausen (114)

Depending on what electronics you have you could connect your camcorder with your DVD-Recorder via S-Video or cinch. Some modern graphic-cards of pcs do also provide cinch or s-video input; otherwise use a video-grabber which extends the pc with s-video or cinch cable connectors.


Answer by  anime018 (234)

You can use a tuner on a PC to view and record stuff from you camcorder. You would need some software to record but there are plenty of free software when it comes to recording on a pc. Then you would only need to convert it to a dvd format.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The easiest way is to connect your camcorder or vcr to a computer with a video capture card or dvd recorder. Then burn your videos to dvds.


Answer by  Meat (169)

In order to do this, you will need to buy a VHS to DVD converter. Since there is no other way for them to be moved.


Answer by  producttime (183)

This can be achieved by purchasing a Video to USB converter for your computer. It will come with software to do this process. Keep in mind, this process takes time.

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