Question by  angelwolf (13)

How many gigabites are there on a DVD?

I need to determine how many DVD's I will need to transfer all of my home movies to.


Answer by  haegenschlatt (40)

DVDs can hold quite a bit of space. One DVD will hold 4. 7 GB although DVDs that hold around 8GB also exist. However, if you wish to copy home movies to a DVD you will want to make it readable by a DVD player first. You should create a DVD with a program such as iDVD, or similar.


Answer by  mbpiii (66)

while most commercial DVD-RWs contain 4. 7 GB, they can hold up to 17. 08 depending on the type. A single-sided, dual layer DVD can hold up to 8. 5 GB, while a double-sided single layer holds 9. 4 gb. Double sided dual layer discs hold the most, at 17. 08 gb. Most likely, single sided single layer discs are what you want.


Answer by  eliendor (89)

A sigle layer (SL) DVD holds up to 4. 7 Gigabytes of information. On the other hand, a dual layer (DL) DVD holds up to 8. 54 Gigabytes.

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