Question by  ANZ (10)

Why would someone use a clear lip ring?

Isn't the point of having a lip ring letting people see it?


Answer by  Krissy (178)

People could use a clear lip ring in an attempt to hide the piercing. Often clear jewelry makes the piercing less noticeable unless one looks closely. They could simply enjoy the look of a clear ring. Sometimes people get piercings purely for themselves and their enjoyment, not necessarily to be seen my others.


Answer by  beelady (334)

Some clear jewelry is still visible, other times it's used to hide the piercing for employment purposes. Some employers don't allow facial piercings, but will allow the employee to wear a clear retainer. Or if you have to go to a family function, and your great-aunt Hilda really shouldn't know that you've got extra holes in your face.

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