Question by  secondbanana (289)

How do you clear your VB Net Clear datagridview?

I need to clear the view on my VB and have no idea how to do it.


Answer by  tweety (266)

Lemme throw in one more code for you to try friend: DataGridView1. DataSource = Nothing DataGridView1. Refresh() If that clears your VB Net Clear datagridview you owe me a treat!


Answer by  notanexpert (199)

Go to the Rows property and try calling the Clear method. This is the command you'll need to use: Me. DataGridView1. Rows. Clear() Let me know if this clears the VB Net Clear datagridview.

Reply by enlightened (206):
You could also try setting the DataSource to Nothing. This is simple and works at times!  add a comment
Reply by ross1976 (196):
Buddy, that will NOT work if it's bound to the data source unless you unbind the DataGridView first.  add a comment

Answer by  cmc94 (302)

How did you add the rows. if it was manual, then this ought to work: if (this. dataGridView1. DataSource! = null) { this. dataGridView1. DataSource = null; } else { this. dataGridView1. Rows. Clear(); } The above command will clear the rows collection.

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