Question by  mapsbn (25)

What kind of shop would carry a fake lip ring?

I don't want to get a piercing, but I like the jewelry.


Answer by  Denise15 (49)

You should be able to get a fake lip ring at anyplace that does piercings such as a Tattoo Parlor, Hot Topic, Spencers, etc. You could also try a costume shop or anyplace that sells costume jewelry.


Answer by  CCAnswers (84)

If you're looking for clip-on jewelry, you should try looking in stores that specialize in costume jewelry. A great place to find costume jewelry is in a costume or theater store in your area. These stores usually carry a variety of clip-on jewelry.


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

A Halloween or costume shop. Normally they'll be in container with maybe an extra couple of pairs in case you lose one or scratch the paint off.


Answer by  JohnAndrew (199)

A shop that sells lip rings that look gaudy and too cheap. Also, shops that do not specialize in facial jewelry (lip rings), may sell fake lip rings.

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