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Question by  shenandoah (26)

Why is there no vegetables on my squash and cucumber bushes when it is harvest time?


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

This can be any number of reasons. Both Squash and Cucumbers have male and female blooms. If Bees have not come to pollinate your crops then no fruit will form. A simple solution is to use pollen yourself over your crops or check for insects that may have devoured your blooms. Also check the season you planted your crop.


Answer by  Valentine62 (2131)

It is possible that the plants were not male and female or that the bees did not pollinate them this year. You may have planted too late or there could have been some pests in your garden eating your blooms, either an insect or an animal.


Answer by  worker3873 (146)

Pay attention to your vegetable garden during the season. You may have had blossom drop, not enough phosphorus in your fertilizer, or a sneaky pest take off with them.


Answer by  serendip (408)

Squash and cucumbers have both male and female blooms. If pollination has not occurred, no fruit will form. You can help the pollination along by spreading the pollen between the types of blooms using a paintbrush.


Answer by  vidito1 (68)

If it has been an unusually hot summer, your plants may have set only male flowers which do not form fruit. Another possibility is that squirrels may have gotten them.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Something probably ate the Vegetables. A small animal could have very well have eaten the flowers off that turn into the vegetables.


Answer by  lpfirman (403)

When did you plant these? The most common reason for this is that they were planted too late in the season, or there was inclimate weather that didn't allow them to grow at a normal rate. If caught early enough, heat can be supplemented via insulating groundcovers, but it sounds as it is a bit late for that.

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