Question by  Izzyonu (4)

What is the process to preserve cucumbers and other vegetables in bottles?

I want to preserve my cucumbers and other vegetables all year around. Please, elaborate on this. What is the vinegar to water ratio?


Answer by  bhushan (41)

The process of preserving vegetables in vinegar is called Pickling.These vegetables can be stored for a year.Wash and clean vegetables. Take air tight jar. Fill it with vegetables and vinegar.Don't add water. Let the vegetables shrink for few days. You can also preserve the vegetables by drying them in sunlight for few days.


Answer by  prissymissy (1895)

You will need to get some canning equipment and a recipe book with canning recipes. Besides using vinegar and pickling spices you will need to sterilize and process the cans so it is best if you get a recipe book.

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