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Question by  kapoor (52)

Why is my nose oily?


Answer by  Naveen (34)

It's natural tat ur face is oily. To prevent it wash your face min 3 times a day with dial soap. Dont frequently touch your face with your hand's might be oily.


Answer by  Halidraja (21)

It may be due to sweating. Sometimes nature of the skin may cause. Also if the skin is not properly washed with soap and cleaned properly. This problem may be solved by proper washing and cleaning.


Answer by  Campana (50)

Some people just have really oily skin. you could be washing to much and drying your nose out of natural moisture so your body is producing more oil. Try to bye a moisturizer instead of just washing. you could also use oil sheets to blot and absorb the oil.


Answer by  sairamesh100yahoocoin (223)

may be your skin is oil skin, so take some sandal to mix with cool water to apply your nose, automatically your oil nose changed to normal. its is easiest way to make good look.


Answer by  Anonymous

usually teenagers have this problem My own experience(hate oily nose!)

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