Question by  gsensel (19)

How to get rid of a nose piercing bump?

I have a bump on my nose from a nose piercing.


Answer by  TM3885 (24)

If you still have the piercing, ice the bump regularly and watch it to make sure that your piercing is not infected. If infected, remove the piercing and wait 2-4 months and re-pierce it. If you no longer have the piercing, just ice it regularly, it will go away.


Answer by  piya (79)

Well may be your skin is allergic to piercing. Clean that spot daily and apply little bit turmeric on it. Turmeric is mild antiseptic if it doesn't work then you need to go to doctor and get some strong antiseptic to to cure it.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

It may be a permanent thing. If you have taken the piercing out and a bump has formed where it was it could be a lump of scare tissue. Try massaging it with emu oil or high nutrient cream. You may be able to break up the tissue, but this is a common occurrence once the piercing is gone.


Answer by  timerunning (805)

I soak my nose in warm water with sea salt and then take a pair of tweezers and pull the bump off. Normally it hurts like hell.. but it will go away after a few more soaks in sea salt.


Answer by  Anonymous

Tea tree oil. I got my nose pierced a few weeks ago and then I developed a bump on it. I tried everything from crushed aspirin to warm salt soaks and even chamomile tea bags. But the tea tree oil seems to be working and the bump has gone down.

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