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Question by  Treeteller (152)

Why is my hair so flat?

Is there anything I can do about flat hair?


Answer by  meo0314 (76)

Sometimes your hair is flat because you are using too much conditioner. Try using less because too much conditioner weighs your hair down.


Answer by  katief68 (21)

The best way to fluff up your hair is to blow-dry it upside down (bending over from waist) and add a root lifting spray or mousse to the roots.


Answer by  LadyBay67 (18)

You can try teasing your hair. You can use a comb, or a bristle brush, and vigorously brush against thr growth of your hair at the roots to add volume. You can also blowdry or flat iron the roots by pulling your hair torwards the ceiling as you applying th heat to give it some lift.


Answer by  jasmce (15)

Hair is mostly genetic. You can try to use styling products made to volumize or lift your hair at the root and that should help.


Answer by  JeeAyeBee (14)

To add volume to flat hair, you could use the "teasing" technique. To tease your hair, get a comb and take sections of your hair and comb upwards instead of downwards, then brush it out slightly. You can also use volumizing sprays, shampoos and conditioners to help with flat hair.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

There are plenty of hair care products ranging from mousses to shampoos that fix the problem of flat hair. You can also use a curling iron or a flat iron to add volume.


Answer by  carynmichelle (19)

Limp hair is everyone's nightmare. There are many reason why this may happen. One is putting too much product in your hair which will make your hair heavy, and make it flat. Another reason is genetics. Your hair may be way thin. To help is to use a hair volumizer.


Answer by  peteroflondon (0)

Get a good haircut that works with the natural body of your hair so your hair can support its own weight. If your hair is long gravity will take over as the weight of the length pulls the hair down flattening it to the scalp.

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