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Question by  goatgal (20)

How do you spike your hair so that it stays up?

Mine keeps falling flat.


Answer by  CMob05 (192)

They have this gel called Hair Glue, I believe thats the name brand, i use to buy my brothers at any hair salon, but you might want to start there and then go to any store near by. You put it in your hair like regular gel and blow dry it dry and its literally keeps it up.


Answer by  chrisjensd (703)

Do one section at time. First tease the hair, then use whipped egg whites. Apply to section of your hair that you want to stand up, then let dry. After your hair is how you want it, use lots of hair spray to set and some shine spray for smoothness.


Answer by  Akasha (23)

Waxes and molding paste or putty in a strong hold formula will generally work really well for shorter hair. If your hair is longer and you are looking for more of the classic mohawk or liberty spike look, it would be best to go with a gel that is specifically designed for those hairstyles.


Answer by  Milette (1105)

Shorter hair spike easier. The best products to use are strong wax or gel and fiber putty. Pull hair upward into a spike and apply product generously.


Answer by  Nadia (17)

well your hair must be short and use lots of gel and hair spray wet your hair comb them up and the use your hand to make them up for 5 times then take wet look gel apply gel do not use comb only with your after that use hair spray they will stay firm for sure


Answer by  peteroflondon (0)

Get a good haircut that allows the hair to support its own weight then using spiking glue

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