Question by  worker (9)

Is it too late to get a flat turnout in ballet?

Are you born with a flat turnout? I am 12 and want to be a professional ballerina.


Answer by  notcheaking (43)

turnout needs to be earned some people have a bit more natural turnout than others but try doing the frog strech and stuff


Answer by  maber (1427)

NO, it takes lots and lots of practice. You should set aside time each day to practice and also try to stretch the muscles in your legs and hips more. This skill is the result of mostly flexability and many hours of stretching and practicing. You will get it soon enough.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

Turnout is something people are pretty much born with or without. However, you can work on it and improve your turn out, but it takes a lot of dedication. To make it as a ballerina, you need to be very turned out.


Answer by  Anonymous

my ballet teacher says that if you are not born with flat turnout you will never have perfect flat turnout but, you should always keep working on it in frog (back and front) and other excersizes, and you will achieve YOUR best possible turnout.

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