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Question by  melissahasty (40)

What is the best glaze to use for flat paint when doing a faux paint job?

I am wanting to faux paint my daughters room, I used a flat paint and need glaze recommendations.


Answer by  gingerkurtz (7)

my favorite way is to use two rollers. roll a 4x4 area of clear latex satin sealer with one roller, immediately roll a 3x3 area of glaze on top of that. The trick is to work within the sealer area only and not to let glaze contact unsealed areas.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well the best glaze to use is double deluxe glaze. It provides the right amount of coverage that is needed for your wall paint as well. Therefore, try using this paint.


Answer by  Judi (35)

It is not recommended to use a flat paint when doing a faux finish job, since you already did you should try to get a latex glazing extender. Or you can try a oil base stain thinned down some, rub into wall with rag which will present as a tea stained effect.

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