Question by  carina75 (33)

How does the theft deterrent work on gateway flat screen?

My new flat screen is too cool to lose.


Answer by  BigD103 (548)

When enabled the Theft Deterrent will only work with the orginal computer it's connected to. If connected to another computer it will display "This Monitor is Protected By Theft Deterrent".


Answer by  Charlton (192)

You can use "GatewayShield". It secures your monitor to your PC, you have to use unique PIN to get running, the monitor will not work on any other device wich is not paired in this way. Or you can use physical security lock and bolt it to your desk, which is not that cool as the monitor.


Answer by  vathana (127)

It is connected and works only with the original PC while another PC is connecting to this device means it will display "This Monitor is Protected By Theft deterrent".


Answer by  jaljl25 (547)

Well it just works in an alarm system fashion. So basically if someone touches your flat screen the alarm will go off.


Answer by  HTMLexpert (23)

The theft deterrent option, or 'GatewayShield', if enabled, it displays a black and white screen with information that the monitor is protected by GatewayShield. The monitor has EzTuneTM, and theft deterrent software lets you use a unique PIN code to secure your monitor to your PC. No external device can be attached to monitor for this to work.


Answer by  anbu (5968)

You have to call customerservice tomorrow and will hopefully get a solution. If you have the monitor listed as being under warranty so the tech supporting people will contact you.


Answer by  Jeenyus (64)

There should be a Kensington security lock slot on the back of the monitor. You need to buy a Kensington securty lock and cable which you would bolt down somewhere on the desk that is not easily accessible. Put the lock latch in the slot on the monitor and then lock it.


Answer by  tnyglov (15)

It works automatically once you plug it in to your computer it reads only your computer you can set a reset code for the device so that it can be use on many different computers or you can turn it off.


Answer by  CJ (11)

When enabled, 'GatewayShield" protects the monitor from being stolen and used with another computer. If the monitor is removed and used with a different computer, the monitor will not display anything except a 'GatewayShield" message asking the user to input a PIN number – without the PIN number, the monitor will not function.


Answer by  mahes (32209)

Mine too. I don't remember using a pin, but I only have a few different ones I ever use and none of them work... I have to call customer service tomorrow and will hopefully get a solution.

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