Question by  twinsline (41)

Why is my female Chihuahua's tummy turning purple?

It started turning purple 2 days ago seemingly for no reason.


Answer by  dingosan8 (407)

Just like humans,dogs have varying degrees of pigmentation in their skin. The purple color or darkening is nothing more than exposure to the sun. When a dog lies in the sun for a period of time,it gets "tan" just as our skin does.

posted by Anonymous
I never thought bout that b4. My dogs chest and tummy change pigment sometimes too. I never connected the dots til just now. She's been lying in the sun all morning.  add a comment

Answer by  devinesl (27)

We bought a teacup Maltese from a pet store. The next day, I gave him a bath and he had big purple splotches all over his stomach. We thought there was something seriously wrong and rushed him to the vet. We found out that it was caused by flea bites.


Answer by  loliva1345 (37)

Your chihuahua's tummy could possibly be turning purple because it is a bruise. Smaller dogs can bruise more easily than large dogs sometimes. If the chihuahua is around other dogs, it is possible that they could have been playing and got bruised that way. If the dog seems tired or depressed you should seek the advise of a vet.


Answer by  Rachel411 (468)

There are several things that could cause a purple tummy, from bruising, to allergies or things more serious. I'd definitely recommend that you take her to see a vet as soon as possible so that she can be properly evaluated especially if the dog is acting differently at all. Good luck!


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

If it is turning purple it can mean several different things. There could be an obstruction from something she ate and the intestine is dying. She laid on purple markers.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

A dog's stomach turning purple is not at all normal. You should take her to a vet as soon as possible to make sure she's ok. She could have rubbed on something, but there could be something more serious.


Answer by  Kay67 (122)

A stomach turning purple could be from a variety of things from a yeast infection or an irritation such as a food allergy. Your best bet is to take your chihuahua to the vet so they can figure out exactly what the cause is.


Answer by  Jennifer76 (128)

Did you dog get into any anticoagulants, such as rat poison? This can cause the blood not to clot, causing internal bleeding which can appear under the skin as a bruised or purple look.


Answer by  mountainmama (18)

A purple tummy could indicate many different things. It could be a bruise or a broken blood vessel. Ask yourself the following questions: how is my Chihuahua acting, is she active? Does she act sick? If she is acting ill, it is always smart to take her to a veterinarian.


Answer by  Kldoss (117)

It is not normal for your dogs stomach to be turning purple,she may have internal bleeding, a skin issue, or an allergic reaction. Take your dog to the vet as soon as possible.


Answer by  Anonymous

our chihuahua has the same thing going on, we noticed in summertime when it is really hot out her underbelly will turn a dark color sometimes with a purple shade in it. and in the winter when it is really cold it is pink, or normal looking.

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