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Question by  Paul55 (23)

Why is my dog obsessed with licking his front paw?


Answer by  melissa15678 (20)

Dogs sometimes love to lick their paws. You may want to react by encouraging your dog to stop it. In many ways this habit which your pet may have accumulated over time is natural of them. Humans would have an itch or cut, your dog may be tending to a wound after coming back from a trip to the park.


Answer by  lmastrobuono (36)

You should make sure that your dog doesn't have something stuck in his paw. Many times if animals have a thorn is something similar in their paw they lick it to ease the pain. They may also just do it as a cleaning mechanism. I wouldn't worry about this too much but if you are, see a vet!


Answer by  Anonymous

Could there be a tick in between his toes? It could also be an allergy which causes the itch. If it's too obsessive (you know it isn't normal) definitely bring him to the vet.

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