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Question by  captainhall (25)

How can I fix passenger side mirror?

My side view mirror is broken.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

You will have to get a new mirror for your car and then remove this mirror to replace it with the new one or you can also replace the glass.


Answer by  itsame (275)

Most automotive stores sell a type of mirrored plastic that you can easily cut with scissors to fit your mirror. The reverse has adhesive for attaching.


Answer by  bob6518 (319)

unfortunately, as the mirror is a very specialized piece of glass, you will probably need to go to the dealership to get it repaired. because of the nature of that mirror and that fact that every car is different, you have to get a replacement form the manufacturer or else it may not work.


Answer by  Tim84 (30)

If possible consult the car manufacturer and purchase a replacement glass. If the glass only is not available buying the complete mirror housing may be necessary. Also the option of a junk yard with a used mirror is an option.


Answer by  rookie105 (823)

if its just the glass you can glue another right on top of the other one. If its the entire fixture the mounting hardware is inside the door directly behind the mirror assembly, remove that cover and you will see the hardware


Answer by  joeskool (21)

You have a couple of options when in this situation. You could either replace the glass or order a new mirror assembly if the motor has gone bad.


Answer by  Serj22 (70)

Depending on the car, you can usually remove part of the upper door trim on the inside, and then remove the door "sail" (triangle piece behind mirror) it will have a few bolts behind it. Remove these to take the old mirror off from outside, and put a new one on.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

If just the glass is broken then you can contact a dealer or salvage yard for replacement glass. If you can't find it there than go to your local automotive store and buy some mirror glass to cut to size. If you actual housing is broken just replace the whole thing.


Answer by  Nadeem1970 (12)

Low speed side mirror fixes are as easy as popping the mirror assembly back into the mirror casing by putting slight thumb pressure on either sides of the mirror.


Answer by  lemdawg (22)

Remove the broken side view mirror. In order to replace it you must head to your nearest auto-store and grab a kit. Stick the mirror on.

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