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Question by  olive8 (911)

How do you change the turn signal bulbs in a Ford Taurus?

I need to change my turn signal bulbs in my Ford Taurus.


Answer by  doc325 (454)

Depending on if your are replacing a front or rear bulb will determine the specifics but both are similar. Remove the bolts securing the light housing to the vehicle. Remove the lens assembly and pinpoint the bulb that needs to be changed. Remove the socket by rotaing it from the housing and replace. Reverse the procedure to install.


Answer by  rebecca0515 (434)

In order to change the turn signal bulb you will need to remove the headlight lens. There are screws that will need to be taken out. Then , take the bulb out and replace it with the new buld. Screw the headlight lens back on.


Answer by  happytimes63 (865)

First, try replacing the fuse for the turn signals. If this is not it, ask for the proper bulbs at the parts store. The fixture will turn counterclockwise, do this and the fixture will come out. most newer cars have a snap out and back in fixture.


Answer by  Jon65 (787)

Check your user manual for light bulb specifications. Then look for compartment where the the bulbs are housed, usually in the back within the front of the trunk.


Answer by  Dan60 (7)

I would rip all the plastic parts that are not needed that these yuppy designers installed for looks a dispose those parts into the garbage to recycle to go to china to come back to the usa to buy a walmart. then remove the lense and change the bulb


Answer by  lawnmowerman (94)

remove lense and replace with correct bulb. but check old bulb connection before completly removing as could be loose connection.

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