Question by  OceanTiara27 (158)

Why does my washer leak on spin?

It is a Maytag washer.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

You need to check the troubleshooting guide. If you have a warranty, they shoudl service it for free. Thsi shouldn't be happening.


Answer by  GilFinn (2065)

Most likely cause is the water pump which pumps the water out during the spin cycle. The pumps are typically made of plastic, and over time the dirt and grit in the wash water eventually erodes the plastic case. If not leaking too badly, it can be repaired with epoxy. But more likely have to be replaced.


Answer by  Solomon42 (80)

Your washer leaks on spin because there is a space between the rotator in the back of the washer cube and the internal workings of the washer. Normally sealed up, the seal sometimes slips while on spin, allowing a small amount of water to leak through. This happens with all brands, not just Maytag.


Answer by  JohnJacobs (75)

When a washer leaks on the spin cycle, it is often a sign of a damaged or crimped drain hose. Carefully pull the washer away from the wall in order to fully inspect the drain hose for cracks, splits, or crimps. If you do find damage to the drain hose, it is normally a simple and cheap repair.


Answer by  samsheedali2000 (152)

If the water leake is there while spinnng first of all you need to check the Drain pump which is there front bottom side,if it is ok you can check the drum by open the back cover of the nachine.

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