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Question by  kendraschaefer (36)

Why does my psp show zero music tracks?

I have no idea what happened to all my music.


Answer by  StingRay (471)

Check your memory card. You may have lost more than that. Ensure it works ok by plugging it into a pc and doing a test on it.


Answer by  jhamtak (58)

The PSP only handles WAV, MP3, and ATRAC formats. Check to see if the file is in the correct format.


Answer by  rlgoard (84)

If your psp shows zero music tracks then there are no tracks! They could have been accidently deleted. Or the unit may be malfunctioning.


Answer by  echo452 (17)

Have you checked al the folders using your computer? If its still not there your memory card might be corrupted. Try reformatting it or replace it.


Answer by  helper84 (35)

Make sure that your memory card is in your psp. If your memory card is still inserted you may have accidentally formatted the card which erases everything.


Answer by  mike61 (45)

Probably it's because your console's memory (memory stick) are broken. I think you must check it and if it's broken - replace. Also you may check you memory by using another console or connecting it to your PC. After all you may give it to service center. Thanks

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