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Question by  venkataraman (52)

Can you help me troubleshoot my ps2 16mb memory card that is not reading?

My memory card for my ps2 is not reading in the player, it is all the way in yet it keeps telling me to insert the card.


Answer by  DStone (817)

It sounds like your card reader is dirty. Use compressed air to blow out any debris from inside the slot. Also, check that the memory card itself is not cracked or dirty. If the card still won't read, it's possible the reader is bad- contact Sony directly for repair options.


Answer by  edward92 (51)

The truth is that if the PS2 isn't reading the memory card then obviously it's broken. There is a problem there becuase the console is so old you are unlikely to get any support from Sony or the shop where you purchased. If you bought from a decent store however they will probably exchange it for you.


Answer by  yoyo72 (50)

There is two possible problems in this situation it is either a problem with your card or a problem with the unit itself! So in order to troubleshoot efficiently insert the card into a different unit to see if the same problem persists! If so try reformatting the card. You could also try cleaning the connection on the card


Answer by  Spokeys (247)

Try using a can of compressed air and spray it in the card. The contacts might be dusty. If that doesn't work you might have to buy a new one. Sorry, I know how terrible it can be to lose saves. :(


Answer by  AustinG (40)

If you want to chance reformatting it to try using it again, just hit the SQUARE button on the main browser screen on the memory card. This may ask you if you want to format it (if the PS2 senses its blank and can be helped), say yes and it'll wipe it out/reformat.


Answer by  GetDark (67)

This situation is not that uncommon. Your card has been damaged, or your memory card reader in the PS2 has been damged (less likely). Use magnifying glasss to examine the card for damage. Pay attention to the copper connectors. Use needle plyers and flatten copper connectors if out of place.


Answer by  eldridge (106)

If your PS2 memory card does not read in the game console, you may need to clean the memory card and the memory card port.


Answer by  Queen1990 (541)

There must be something wrong with the gold connector plates inside the card, your best bet is to buy another card from the local store for around 10-15$. Though, you will lose all your data.


Answer by  Kegster (57)

What I would do is take out the memory card and get one of those cans of air they sell. You can buy them at Walmart in the electronics section or most other stores. Use it to blow air into the memory card to make sure it is not dust, then blow out the memory card slot.


Answer by  Creedr (73)

Perhaps there is some mechanical damage made to the card or the slot. Make sure it's not scratched and that the memory card slot is clean of dust.

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