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Question by  Binay (29)

Why does my dumpy tree frog have a swollen eye?


Answer by  wonderman (201)

I thought they all looked that way - bulging eyes that stare at you! Have they swollen recently or has your Dumpy Tree frogs eyes swollen only recently? If its a recent event get it checked.

Reply by theblip (295):
It's not easy to get a vet who can diagnose a dumpy tree frog so easily. You'll need a vet who has considerable experience seeing exotic amphibians and reptiles, and trust me - there are very few of them available!  add a comment

Answer by  tweety (266)

Did your dumpy frog get injured? these frogs are so delicate that just jumping around can cause injuries. Is there any blood clot or discoloration to indicate an injury?

Reply by cmc94 (302):
Did you know that some dumpy tree frogs get injured just jumping into the water from a height!  add a comment

Answer by  light (200)

Watch out for an infection around the eye. It's dangerous and the dumpy tree frog could lose its vision because of this. Get it checked ASAP!


Answer by  Vignesh (24)

Basically the difference between the frogs eyes from that of ours is the absence of lower eyelids and due to this factor maybe the eye appears to be swollen.

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