Question by  jumbledjava (71)

Does a red eyed green tree frog get along with other frogs?

I love frogs.


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

Red eyed green tree frogs don't necessarily look to attack other frogs in their natural environment. However, once you have them in your own habitat, smaller frogs will likely become their food. Cross contamination of bacterias could also occur. Since you love frogs use a partition to separate breeds.


Answer by  Ming (36)

As a rule it's not a good idea to mix species of frogs due to disease, different climate or environmental needs and the stress it can cause the frogs. However, the clown treefrog has been seen with this species in the wild & successfully mixed by at least one person.


Answer by  jm1982 (57)

Yes, Red eye tree frogs are not an aggressive breed of frog and will get along with many other types of tree frogs.

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